Frank Mitchell is a character on the UPN series, "Moesha." The show aired from January 23, 1996-May 14, 2001. He was portrayed by William Allen Young

Character InformationEdit

Frank Mitchell is a Saturn car dealer and the widowed father of Moesha and Myles Mitchell. He has married his 2nd wife/their new stepmother in 1994 named, Deidra Moss 'Dee' Mitchell. He used to work at a Saturn dealership before starting his own job. It is later revealed by a close relative that Frank had an affair with another woman, Barbara Lee, (season 6, portrayed by Olivia Brown), during his first marriage with his dead first wife, Marguerite Jennings Mitchell, (deceased, died 1992, R.I.P.) and had a child with her. The child was Frank's nephew, Dorian Long, (portrayed by Ray J. Norwood). Dorian was raised by Frank's sister, Sandy Mitchell that Dorian had believed to be his adopted mother but it was Barbara Lee that was his real birth mother. The revelation caused Moesha to move out of her house and to get out and stay out of Dorian's rebellion.

Birth Date (Born On):
January 15th, 1954

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Age: 60 years old



  • Marguerite Jennings-Mitchell (first wife, deceased, died in 1992, R.I.P.)
  • Barbara Lee (affair)
  • Deidra Moss 'Dee' Mitchell (second wife, married 1994)


  • Moesha Mitchell (daughter;engaged to Quinton 'Q' Brooks)
  • Myles Mitchell (son)
  • Dorian Long Mitchell (son from affair, Barbara Lee)


  • Roosevelt Mitchell (father)
  • Bernie Mitchell (brother;in a relationship with Andell Wilkerson)
  • Sandy Mitchell (sister)
  • Ruth Jennings Mitchell (mother-in-law, presumbaly deceased)

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